Payment methods and instructions

monero and bitcoin accepted here

How are we protecting your Bitcoin transactions?

When you shop on a traditional darknet market, you’re either depositing Bitcoins into the website directly or in the recent cases you’re paying directly for the product you want. In both cases, this is wrong as in the case of seizure of that particular darknet market police will have strong evidence that you used your purchased bitcoins to buy drugs. They can link that to you.

When you’re buying with us, you’re not depositing bitcoin to our website directly since we don’t allow this. Instead, you tell us what you want in OTR (Off The Record messaging apps) and we reply to you with our bitcoin address in encrypted format. Nobody except you and us can see what you buy and to what bitcoin address. While someone on the outside (in this case Law Enforcement) can see that you did sent Bitcoin to the address provided, they would not have any evidence what you used them for, what you buy with them. Nothing. In this case even if you use Bitcoin with us, we are protecting your privacy and it can be still used in a safe and easy way.

We are now accepting Bitcoin and Monero as payment options. Please have in mind that due to majority of people still uses Bitcoin, we will prioritize Bitcoin instead of Monero. Monero have cheaper fees and it’s better for privacy but it’s currently very unstable and a lot of the times money can vanish. Pay with Monero only if you know what you’re doing. On this website you can find a lot of great tutorial. We are not affiliated with the above website in any way, we personally verified that all informations are up to date and that the website is safe to visit and use.