All the latest news from dutchanonstore

09/30/2020 – We didn’t updated our Announcements page in a while and we are sorry for that. We have been working hard on many futures to improve the site quality. We are currently working on Order Management System for our customers. More information soon.

07/30/2019 – From now on you can contact us on Wickr app. Few users pointed out that we do have Wickr on How to order page on our website, whilst on this (Announcements) page we still have statement from 05/30 saying we are not using Wickr or any other app. Please keep in mind that we decided to use Wickr only as an alternative way of communication with our customers. Our main channel is still our protonmail listed on How to order page. Our Wickr ID is – rotterdamcafe. We are also aware that someone is using our website name on Wickr. dutchanonstore ID on Wickr is NOT OURS, SO DO NOT ORDER FROM THERE.

07/28/2019 – WARNING: Nightmare Market is on EXIT-SCAM. Part of our team who is still on darknet lost huge amounts of money. DO NOT DEPOSIT MONEY THERE ANYMORE.

06/29/2019 – We are now shipping cocaine local (from France to France for example) for France, Germany and Switzerland customers. You can now enjoy mostly NDD (Next Day Delivery Service) or two days max. UK customers will also enjoy mostly NDD from today. We also added high quality cocaine from the brick for Australian customers (shipping from Australia) so everyone from Australia can also enjoy 1-2 days delivery service. For US customers as usual, 2-4 business days delivery service. All other countries (for example Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy etc etc) will still need to order from the Netherlands. We will try to aim for 2-5 business days for this countries.

05/30/2019 – We DO NOT use Wickr, Kik or any other app like that. Anybody who are pretending to be us on that apps are probably scammer. Also watch out for everyone who says they are associated with us in any way. We only use this email –

05/27/2019 – All UK and US orders will be sent out on Tuesday due to Monday holiday.

04/21/2019 – MASSIVE INFLUX OF NEW USERS – Regarding the fact that the biggest darknet marketplace Dream Market is closed now and the second one Wall Street is on exit-scam we are seeing a massive influx of new users coming from both the markets. This will cause some delays in replying to all messages via email so please have this in mind if we do not reply quickly as before. We welcome all Dream Market and Wall Street Market refugees. Again, we WILL DO OUR BEST to serve any of our customer the best we can. Looking forward to doing business with everyone. Thanks!

04/21/2019 – All orders will be delayed and sent out on Tuesday because of Easter holidays.

WARNING: 04/20/2019 – Wall Street Market is EXIT-SCAMMING. DO NOT DEPOSIT FUNDS INTO WALL ST MARKET! STAY AWAY! Some of the smaller markets are into exit-scam too, again, STAY AWAY FROM DEEP WEB UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!