NEW – We are looking for wholesalers. Big discounts, approval of dutchanonstore and much more!

Currently we are only accepting wholesalers from United Kingdom and United States. If you can’t handle at least 56g per month, do not even bother to contact us.

Why us?

The most trusted and reliable online bulk cocaine seller in the world.

Thousands of sales across darknet markets over the years (we’re dating back to 2012 and original Silk Road).

Consistency 90%+ purity.

All shipments straight off the brick. No cutting agents, no bullshit.

We utilize the best packaging equipment available for the highest level of stealth and security.

Buyers Guide

No price or policy negotiations

No free samples. You can always check out our shop and buy 1 gram of cocaine just to test it

No orders under 28g. Again, check Shop for smaller quantities

The shipment (and cancelation) cut-off time is 6AM EST

We will not mark or identify packages for you

Tracking information is not provided

Refund Policy

While we don’t guarantee reships in order to minimize fraud and scams, in the extremely unlikely scenario your order is not received on time, contact us. As you can see from our Reviews 99%+ of our customers are happy.

Powder or Rocks?

Mostly rocks. The larger the order, the easier it is to receive just rocks.

Shipping Guide

Shipping time estimates:

USA priority mail – 2 days

UK Royal Mail – NDD (Next Day Delivery)

Be sure to send us your cleanly written address on email with:



City, State, Zip

Price Guide

28g – $1,600

84g – $4,400

140g – $6,800

500g – $17,000

1kg – $28,000

2kg – $50,000


email: elcolombiano@protonmail.com (if you send us any message with gmail, yahoo or hotmail we will just ignore, use protonmail)

Screenshot of our current batch with BARCA stamp